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This is a personal website I've made on my own, with the purpose of gathering all of my online content into one place. It can be thought of as a "hub" of sorts, if that helps sum it up in a single word. I have a few pages on this website too - which have an organized gallery of my personal favorite art projects, and some web templates I've made for practice/exercise. Look around if you'd like! Later down the road, I'll have a page dedicated to my own written HTML and CSS lessons for complete beginners.

Ways to Support the Website

If you'd like to help keep my website running and/or support me as a creator with some money you're willing to spare, you can do so through:

  • Donations to my Ko-Fi tip jar
  • Buying anything from my Redbubble store
    • My cheapest items are stickers, and they still help just as much as the other items (sometimes more!)

About "WolfKat"

My actual name is Sarah Kaitlyn M. I'm a 24 year old from Georgia in the U.S. My areas of interest are in drawing, web design, writing, and some other subjects on the side. Of these interests, my ambitions are strongest with web design and concept art as more likely near-future career paths. When I manage to dig deeper into programming one day, my hope is to get into developing some of my own little games! I'll be focusing on making browser-based programs/games first before jumping deep into the likes of C++, though. One step at a time.

As for my online alias, "WolfKat" is what I've used for several years now. This alias comes from the fact that werewolves are one of my favorite mythical creatures, and I find wolves to be fascinating animals in general. The last half of the username comes from my middle name blended with "cat" as a double-layered word. "Kat" is a possible shortened variant of my middle name - but can also refer to cats themselves, since I love cats. Fairly straightforward. It's much better than older usernames I had when I was 15 or younger, to be honest. While I wish to have something better for an alias, it seems to work fine for others to recognize me online. Over this time, I've received online nicknames such as "Kat" or plain "Wolf," apparently. Some go with the full "WolfKat" or call me by my real name. I don't mind any of these!

Website Updates

The latest changes to my site can be seen here.

March 16th, 2019

Well, aside from the busy holidays, I had a rollercoaster of January without much slowing down until mid-February. My start to this year was going to urgent care twice and then ending up transferred to the hospital during the second visit. Had an emergency procedure done too on the final day of January. Thus, February was my more important point of recovery. I wish I could've updated this website by now, but instead I've made very minor changes until I improve my sleep for working on the bigger things I plan. That'll need quite a bit of focus.

To sum up the medical situation for those unaware: I've had a mystery issue with my heart since 13 years old. At least, that's when my symptoms were first showing. No doctors could seem to figure out what was going on. A few heart monitors and other tests later, still nothing... Until my latest heart monitor I had near the end of January this year. It caught the cause of my fast heart rates from a severe episode of tachycardia (250bpm max spike) which sent me to UC a second time; and I officially got diagnosed with the procedure hopefully fixing things up for good.

The diagnosis? Before revealing it, I'll say right now that life can be absolutely bizarre. Whether you believe in God, a god, or not - someone in the universe sure has a sense of humor. All along, my heart issue had been something called "Wolff-Parkinson-White Syndrome" - WPW Syndrome for short. It's a condition that one is born with, but it isn't genetic. WPW is one of those weird, random mutations of sorts in some genes related to constructing the heart's electrical pathways. At least, that's what I've been able to learn about it so far. I'm no medical expert and might be getting the technical details muddy. I recommend researching it online if you're interested to know more.

Anyhow, rest assured that I'm not forgetting my plans to update this website. I'm close to finishing my second month of recovery, and that's what my cardiologist set for my goal of being 100% good to go! The next course of action for me would definitely be therapy though. I've been recovering well physically, but mentally I'm still shaken up after experiences that felt like life or death for me. As much as I hate putting off my work, I know I need to take it easy for just a little longer. Keeping stress levels low will be good for my heart, and I need to improve my sleep as well.

- Sarah

November 15th, 2018

Just finished making some minor adjustments to this website and I'm looking into more fixes in the future. Unfortunately, there's an image issue (on mobile) that I've become aware of after finishing the hosting process weeks ago. I also grew more bothered by my gallery layouts when they're viewed on phone screens. At the time I worked on the gallery layouts, I struggled to get them working as flexboxes and being compatible with most browsers. My extended practice in flexboxes wouldn't be possible in my schedule until months after I considered my core CSS complete.

While I can't apply those aforementioned fixes yet, I want it to be known that I'm looking into that behind the scenes. They'll require a lot more time and attention to fix than the crumb-sized tweaks I made today. It took a while to roll out these tweaks because I assumed the image fix would've at least been easier. Man, I wish that were the case.

The good news is that aside from those big fixes I'm going to work toward, I have plans for adding more to my gallery pages! I can't be sure when these changes will occur, but they'll be a work in progress.

- Sarah

October 31st, 2018

I'm proud to announce that the domain for this website has been obtained, and I've subscribed to a hosting service! It'll be a work in progress to get my website completely setup here for a tiny bit of time. However, it won't take long and I'll announce the grand opening of "WolfKat Works" everywhere I can!

It's been a long journey to get to this point. I had to hold back and put aside one of my pages just to save on time and prioritize the currently available pages for my website's official launch. Without doing so, my entire website would've been held back only for one page that isn't urgently needed and isn't the major focus anyways. It would still be fun to add later down the road, but shall remain in the background for me to work on at any possible pace and schedule!

Life also just happens. This past summer was overwhelming, with family emergencies and other personal issues. To finally accomplish my goal of launching this website is a huge relief for me!

Now, to see where this all can go from here... There's still more work to be done for the purpose of updating this website in the future.

- Sarah

March 25th, 2018

The template is done! Website isn't hosted yet at the time of this post, of course, but I figured this could be its first home page update. This can give an idea on how long it took to complete the template alone - counting some life interruptions.

For a general sense of time: I started this revamp and overhaul to my website back around late January, 2018. The concept designs were being worked on more around the start of that month. It took 2 months to get it to this point. And during the past week (Mar. 16th - 23rd), I made faster progress than previously! All I had to make were some more adjustments, and continue to test things out. Also completed the final graphics (banner and navigation button icons) in the past couple of days.

Yep. So far, so good. All that's left is finishing up the contents of each page. While I would like for this to be a quick process as well, I highly doubt it. My "HTML/CSS Tutorials" page will be taking the most time considering the content I have to transfer and write into it from the series I wrote on my blog way back in 2015. I'd have to update the information in lots of areas and fix errors, too.

Anyhow, things are looking up at least! My goal is to complete this and get the website hosted before the end of this year. I wonder if this will finally come to be...

- Sarah

© 2018 - 2019 WolfKat Works - Created by Sarah Kaitlyn M. All artwork, website templates, tutorials, and this website's code/graphics are owned by Sarah AKA "WolfKat." Fan Creations for Intellectual Properties and Trademarks do not claim ownership of the IPs/TMs themselves. Those all belong to their respective owners and are separate from my drawn iterations of them. In short: I created and own the fan creation, not the original properties involved. Likewise, please don't claim ownership for anything I've created on this website and elsewhere. Permission is not automatically granted for use of my artwork. However, my web templates are intended for non-commercial use, and thus permission is granted for those as long as another party isn't making money off of them. Credit to the creator is highly advised.